By Month's End, Robb & Stucky Will Move Its Furniture Out of NorthPark Center

Never did understand why Robb & Stucky opened a NorthPark Center location -- it just didn't seem to fit, especially sandwiched between Barney's and other clothing retailers, and the few times I went in to peek at pieces well out of my price range, the sprawling, two-story furniture store was sparsely populated at best. So perhaps this bit of breaking news comes at no surprise: The Florida-based company has decided to shutter that spot.

Derek Wood, who handles leasing for NorthPark, says Robb & Stucky will close its doors by the end of the month. And he tells Unfair Park he's already "well down" the road to signing another tenant for the 30,000-square foot space between Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. "Deals move slowly these days," he says, but once the ink is dry and the announcement is made, "our customer will be very happy -- it's a win-win for everyone."

Word is, the chain is quietly closing several locations across the country. But according to one Robb & Stucky employee with whom I spoke this morning, the Southlake and Plano locations will remain open.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky