The Paper Chase will eat your ass for dinner and ask for seconds. What? Too strong?

By Now, You Should Be One Of Them

Don't have tickets for tonight's Explosions in the Sky-The Paper Chase show at the Granada? "Tough shit," as my great-grandmother would say. It sold out like a high-school homecoming game -- which is appropo, given that Explosions is the band responsible for that famed Friday Night Lights theme song. But for those of you wise enough to have purchased in advance, or who worked your "I'm with so-and-so" credentials, tonight's show shouldn't disappoint. The two bands are back in Texas after three weeks on the road together. Road reports from TPC members suggested that perhaps audiences weren't prepared for their rather histrionic opening act prior to the instrumental Austinites. "Shocked," "freaked out" and "stared at us" were used, but, hey, those terms are so close to "awe-struck" and "entranced," right?

At any rate, Dallas fans know full well what they're in for tonight at the Granada (especially after last summer's Now You Are One Of Us), so a well-received hometown show might do the Dallas boys right and show the Austinites what they're missing back at the ranch. EITS is pimping their new album All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, and The Paper Chase has a reissued deluxe digipak featuring their 2001 EP cntrl alt del u (with "new artwork (from original source files)," according to Gilead Media). Get it now...or haven't you learned your lesson already? --Merritt Martin

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.