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This is Santiago Calatrava. People love his work--and now they love to make fun of it too.

Damn it. Was so gonna post that Calatrava cartoon from The New Yorker that Wick Allison got to earlier on FrontBurner. At last, that New Yorker subscription was gonna pay off; now, not so much. But turns out Wick and I weren't the only ones to notice the slam at the Spanish architect whose bridges will either make or break the city, depending upon whether you're D's Tom Rogers or our very own Jim Schutze.

There's a piece in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinal about both the New Yorker dig and another Calatrava potshot taken in the newest issue of W magazine, its first visual-arts issue. Makes sense it appears in that paper: The New Yorker cartoon features a hairdo that looks suspiciously like the Milwaukee Art Museum, which Calatrava designed. And the W slam comes courtesy of author Victoria Newhouse, who compares the museum's interior to a "white marble bathroom magnified 100 times." That did not sit well with David Gordon, the museum's director and chief executive officer, who tells the paper, "That's terrible!" Ya think?

And where does all this Calatrava clobbering come from? Well, it all starts here, with Martin Filler's 2005 piece about Calatrava from The New York Review of Books. We called it in January, matter of fact. Called it hard. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.