Call and No Response

It shouldn't come as any surprise that when your police department stops responding to business burglary alarms, business burglaries will increase. But despite last week's news that the city's new verified response policy is merely emboldening thiefs to ply their trade with impunity, Chief David Kunkle believes it's too early to judge a policy by its outcome. "Yes, our business burglaries are up, but it's too early in the process to say it's because of verified response," says police spokesman Rick Watson. "Chief Kunkle said to wait six months to see if it's working."

OK. Deal. But if, after six months, the policy winds up turning every two-bit local thief into the real-life inspiration for Ocean's 13, then maybe our chief should, say, reconsider his position. Kunkle's endorsement of verified response guaranteed its easy ride through the Dallas City Council last December--and the easy break-in at your place yesterday. Or tomorrow. --Matt Pulle

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Robert Wilonsky
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