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CBS's Big D Pilot Just Got a Little Bigger -- Say Hello to Dr. Spaceman!

A month back we sneaked a peek at the CBS fall line-up and found Big D, a Warner Bros. Television production about "a New York couple who moves to the man's hometown of Dallas, where his Southern-belle mother makes life complicated for his East coast wife." Right -- awesome. Now, from The Hollywood Reporter come more details that make this sitcom sound a wee bit more intriguing -- if only because the possible addition of a Spaceman (Chris Parnell) and the NSEA Protector's outer-space alien Laliari (Missi Pyle) promise something other than complete and absolute suck. So too does the announcement that an actual Texan -- Tony Award-winner Deanna Dunagan, born in Monahans out in West Texas -- will join the cast.

Reports THR:

In WBTV's Big D, a New York couple moves to the husband's hometown of Dallas, where his Southern belle mother (Dunagan) makes life complicated for his East Coast wife. Pyle will play the husband's sister, who is prone to emotional displays. Parnell in negotiations to play her husband, a preacher.

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