Celebs, and Donnie Nelson, Join Forces With Local Charity Aggregator

Got a press release this a.m. that turned into an early morning time-killer -- list of "celebs' fave" will do that. It's from Dallas-based, which sells itself as a "cause-focused social networking site dedicated to 'Empowering Millions to Raise Billons.'" In other words, it's essentially a charity aggregator that allows users to set up accounts from which they can link to their favorite charities and convince folks to donate their hard-earned.

But the media release has to do with today's launching of the site's celebrity pages -- among them, pages from the likes of Morgan Freeman (who's wants to Help People Affected By Natural Disaster!), Matt Damon (asking you to Support Development Projects for African Youth), Carmen Electra (who's Helping Brain Tumor Survivors) and Rosario Dawson (who is Supporting Parents & Families of Gays and Lesbians). Donnie Nelson's there too, trying to raise some scratch for Little Heroes Music in Plano. It's early in the process, though: The site -- which is funded by a couple of SMU grads who run Routh Street-based BlastOff Ventures, "a Dallas-based business incubator" -- claims it's raised a total of $23,000-plus for some 385 causes since its inception in February. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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