Chee Chee Goes Chichi

Edward Mendoza is out as executive chef of Kitchen 1924, Lakewood's ode to the generic kitchen. "Edward and I, for the last month or so, the relationship started to sour a little bit, and I was being told 'no' a whole bunch," says Kitchen 1924 founder Shawn Horne. "He wanted to do froufrou stuff. So we went ahead and parted ways." In the Mendoza wake, Horne hired former Aurora chef Brian La Grange to assume the 1924 executive chef post. In the meantime, Mendoza has joined forces with his former Lola kitchen colleague Scott Gottlich to open Bijoux, a French restaurant that will burrow into the former Cheeburger Cheeburger space on West Lovers Lane near Inwood Road. Well, it's not officially French, but it will pluck planetary influences and pester them with French technique, which technically makes it a global fusion mongrel with a lot of kitchen cussing and humiliation. But, hark, there will be sweetbreads. --Mark Stuertz

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