Chocolate, With a Side of Hog

Notes from the lunch-time feed bag, which is more like a grab bag:

Over-priced and over-rated NOKA Chocolates of Plano announced today that it's getting a primo spot in Harrods' Food Halls -- otherwise known, says here, as "one of the most luxurious and indulgent gastronomic experiences known to man." I've always been a Mary of Puddin Hill man myself, ever since I was a little boy ...

Thanks to today's Chicago Tribune, I now know that "pigs have been spotted in urban parks in Dallas and San Antonio, startling joggers." (Really?) The story also directs your attention to this Web site, where you will find detailed photos of a pig's "heart lung cavity." Says "explicit," but you know you wanna peek ...

Speaking of troughs, says here that former TXU bossman John Wilder's new business venture, JSW Interests, has rented out space in the Crescent for his "new private equity venture focused on the energy sector." Course, rent don't mean much to man who just got himself $280 million. --Robert Wilonsky


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