This may not be Jim Schutze, but we're so wishing we were as high as this guy right about now.

Circle Jerk? What Circle Jerk?

On The Dallas Morning News editorial-section blog today, Rod Dreher attacks my rebuttal of his attack in Sunday's Points section on my recent cover story, "Good-bye, Groovy East Dallas." Dreher implies that my attack on East Dallas was not ironic, as I asserted in my defense against his attack, but that my claim of irony is an after-the-fact excuse.

He writes, "My essay was a defense of Schutze's attack on middle-class white people (like me) moving into his Old East Dallas neighborhood and gentrifying it."

I am now forced to re-attack Dreher by asserting that if my story was not ironic, as he asserts, and if he is indeed defending it, as he claims, then he agrees with me. He also says he's white and a member of the gentry. I don't remember bringing up white. I am of the opinion, based on considerable research, that if we go strictly by the racist definition of white, which is "not one drop," then no one whose forebears have been on the North American continent longer than 200 years is white.

My next question, and it is sincere, would be this: What color is the gentry? --Jim Schutze

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