City Hall, City Hall, How Does Your Community Garden Grow? Oh, It Doesn't.

Showed up at Room 5ES in Dallas City Hall this morning at 9 a.m. to cover an officially posted hearing of the Dallas Zoning Ordinance Committee on community gardens. Sat there. Alone.

After a span of time I am not willing to divulge, I snapped to the fact that something wasn't right. City Hall briefing always have other people in them -- not just me. By myself.

Went down the hall to planning. It's called something else now - Green Economic Growth and Prosperity Enablization or something. David Cossum, Assistant Director of All That, told me the meeting had been canceled because the Department of All That is "awaiting guidance from the city council" on community gardens.

O.K. I get that. I am in sort of the same position.

I have been working all week on a column for next week about the city's plans for the identification, control, regularization, optimization and elucidation of neighborhood gardens. Kind of why I went to the meeting. Hoping to find out what mischief they have in mind. But there you have it.

I must say, based on what I have learned so far, I do not believe neighborhood garden people should await guidance from the city council. I think, instead, they should flee guidance from the city council. Like riding through the night on horseback calling out a warning to the villagers, "The guidance is coming! The guidance is coming!" But the news is bound to get here some day.

Two if by land, one if by me. Let you know next week.

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