City Hall Could Use More Astroturfing

Heard a little more from the R.I.P. Dallas folks last night -- via a Richards Group press release, how awfully "grassroots" and so very "viral," the buzzwords used in the pitch to Unfair Park. (As in: "We also have some great stats to share about the viral component of this grassroots campaign that I think could bolster an interesting story." Whatever happened to poor "buzz"?) The pro-hotel group, consisting of "young professionals," sent word Tuesday eve that this very morning, four of its members will speak to the Dallas City Council during its Wednesday meeting: "R.I.P. DALLAS GROUP TO STORM CITY HALL," reads the headline of the press release, so look out!

And by "storm" they mean five of its members -- including Brentt Shropshire, who Trey Garrison has already ID'd as a member of the Mayor's Southern Sector Dallas Task Force -- will take to the council chambers mike and "discuss the economic impact of the proposed charter amendments and how their passage will adversely affect the young professionals of Dallas." The release says they'll be joined by 200 other members of R.I.P. Dallas. It's after the jump in full.

More than 200 members expected to voice opposition to Propositions 1 and 2

DALLAS (April 21, 2009) - In its most public demonstration to date, "R.I.P. Dallas" plans to attend the Dallas City Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 22nd to voice its opposition to Propositions 1 and 2. The group, comprised entirely of Dallas young professionals, is stepping up its efforts to raise awareness about the upcoming municipal election.

Five individuals will speak at the City Hall meeting: Brentt Shropshire, Alexis Martinez, Dominique LaShae, Lindsay Allen and Dejuan Collins. These young professionals live in different communities throughout the city and are a true representative sample the "R.I.P. Dallas" group. They will discuss the economic impact of the proposed charter amendments and how their passage will adversely affect the young professionals of Dallas.

"Our group is comprised of young professionals with the long-term interests of the city in mind," said Alexis Martinez. "We are trying to generate interest among the younger generation, and educate them on the facts surrounding both of these propositions, which we believe will impact the city long-term."

Thus far, the group's activities have been confined to email campaigns, signage and social and viral messaging. However, given the stark funding disadvantage, the grassroots campaign will rely on high-profile appearances to generate awareness and support. "R.I.P. Dallas" is not affiliated with the "Vote No! Dallas" campaign and is strictly a volunteer organization with no corporate or individual benefactors.

The "R.I.P. Dallas" campaign seeks to raise awareness among young voters about each proposition through a series of events, demonstrations and gatherings. For more information, visit ripdallas.com.

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