Tracy Rowlett and Jim Schutze -- man, it's like an episode of Iconoclasts, only without the piano.

Clearly, Tracy Rowlett Is Not Spending His Retirement Years Wisely

Wow. Legendary Dallas newsman-anchor Tracy Rowlett just left Unfair Park HQ after spending an hour here with a camera crew. Also with him was John Sparks, KTVT-Channel 11’s executive producer for investigations and politics and a legend in his own right behind the camera.

Rowlett was here to interview me for a segment of his weekly program, Tracy Rowlett’s Perspective, which airs Sundays after the 10 p.m. news and before Babe Laufenberg.

If I understand what just happened -- and I don’t think I do -- then Rowlett was here to do a story about the fact that The Dallas Morning News and D have done stories about the fact that I have done a lot stories about the Trinity River toll road.

Think about this, if you’re still reading:

I am now doing a blog item about the fact that Tracy Rowlett is doing a story about the fact that The News and D did stories about the fact that I have done a lot of stories about the Trinity.

Why am I doing this blog item? Because my dream is that somebody will do a story about the fact that I wrote a blog item … O.K. Sorry. I’ll stop.

But I do think something very strange is going on .. something weird and Being John Malkovich-like. Could I be John Malkovich? But wait. Where’s the money? Yeah. That’s what I thought. It always ends with that question.

This is over November 6, right? --Jim Schutze

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