Clyde Barrow Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Turns out the Dallas-based sellers of Clyde Barrow's birth home in Telico in Ellis County--about 30 miles south of Dallas--couldn't move the place, not even for the low, low price of $2,999. That's what Drop to Sell It, a storefront on Irving Boulevard, had the house listed for on eBay, but the auction closed yesterday without a buyer. Maybe that's because the house was for sale, but not the property, and as one historian told The New York Sun in today's paper, "It looked to me like it would fall apart if you moved it," rendering it all but a pile of splinters to any potential buyer. There's a chance the guys trying to sell the place will list it again or turn it into a museum, because a field in Teleco, near a cotton gin, is just the place to start a museum. --Robert Wilonsky

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