Cocaine Blues: Sorry, Texas, But You Will No Longer Be Able to Buy This Stimulating Drink.

Out of the Dallas County's 44th Judicial District Court comes this swig o' news, courtesy the Texas Attorney General's Office: Never again will you find Cocaine on your local soft-drink shelves. Greg Abbott and his staff, including Dallas-based ADA Joyce Iliya of the Consumer Protection and Public Health Division, has had the maker of the so-called "energy supplement" in court for a good long while, but today they announced they got what they've wanted all along: a permanent injunction that means Cocaine can't be sold anywhere in Texas. And on its Web site, the Nevada-based Redux Beverages has to disclose that the product "is not available in Texas."

Judge Carlos Cortez also ruled that Redux owes the state $825,000 in civil penalties, since its reps failed to show in his courtroom. On its stunningly annoying Web site, Redux is taking the news well: Beneath its disclaimer concerning sales in Texas, it has posted an illustration of the state that reads, "Texas: Come for the big adventure, stay for the wrongful execution."

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