Colbert on Bush Library: "A Great Honor for Southern Methodist University." Wink, Wink.

Last night, the glory that is Stephen Colbert spent a considerable amount of time talking about SMU -- pronounced "SMOO," apparently -- and the George W. Bush library. "As somebody who loves our president and hates books, I don't know where I stand," said the host of The Colbert Report, introducing the subject that would become last night's "The Word." And what was that word? "SMAFU," as in, "Southern Methodist All Frigged Up."

The video just went up, so go here for the segment in which Colbert labels associate Christian-ed prof Susanne Johnson and retired theology prof William McElvaney as "professors Marx and Lenin" and "Cheech and Chong," reads extensively from their November essay "Bush Presidential Library: Asset or Albatross?" and says he can't figure out why there's so much fuss in the first place. After all, Colbert says, it's the George W. Bush library, which means "there won't be much to read." And he rebuffs the profs' protestations -- "Do we want SMU to benefit from a legacy of massive violence?" -- by saying, "Of course, someone should benefit financially from it." Good points all. --Robert Wilonsky

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