Come Give Mr. Hand a Hand

Tokio, Texas, resident James Hand is the real deal, a pure country singer with the all the gravitas of the greats -- from Hank to George to Jerry Lee. Like all great country singers, he is also bat-shit crazy, as evidenced by this June 2006 interview on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, during which he tells host Terry Gross, “I used to see myself in the mirror turning into a werewolf. I’d start praying, and I’d turn back to me.”

Last year the troubled troubadour released his first nationally distributed album -- The Truth Will Set You Free -- at the ripe old age of 53, garnering attention across the U.S. and Europe, earning four-star reviews in Mojo and Uncut in the process. Tonight at 8 p.m. he takes the stage for a special solo acoustic set at the AllGood Café, and if this stunning performance of the old standard “Fraulein” is any indication, it will be one not to miss. We’ll see you there, Friends. --Noah W. Bailey


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