From last year's Unsilent Night event in New York City
From last year's Unsilent Night event in New York City
Flickr user: anjuli_ayer

Coming to Downtown, a Most "Unsilent Night"

A very giddy Friend of Unfair Park sends word that, for the first time, downtown Dallas will experience one of composer Phil Kline's famous "unsilent nights," a Manhattan ritual since 1992. After the jump is a video New York magazine made during last year's boombox parade through NYC, but for those in need of an explainer, here's how Kline describes the event: It's "like a Christmas caroling party except we don't sing, but rather carry boomboxes, each playing a separate tape or CD which is part of the piece. In effect, we become a city-block-long stereo system."

In other words, it's very Flaming Lips.

The Dallas event takes place December 22 and will begin at the Backbeat Cafe and Listening Room at 300 N. Akard Street. Attendees will need to download a Dallas-specific soundtrack beforehand, then find some way to play it Say Anything... style whilst wandering through downtown.

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