Conservation League Goes to Court to Stop DISD From Razing Oak Cliff Christian

Now we know where we'll be at 4 p.m. today: at the George Allen Court House -- specifically, in Judge Teresa Guerra Snelson's courtroom. The judge will consider a temporary restraining order filed moments ago by the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, which, of course, is trying to keep the Dallas Independent School District from tearing down the Oak Cliff Christian Church.

John McCall Jr., past president of the league and a Dallas attorney, filed the request for the TRO at 10 this morning. The DISD was served at 12:30; the construction foreman at the site, 10 minutes ago. Says McCall, "Obviously, the district is aware of the hearing. I presume they will show up. If they don't, the judge will go forward with the hearing and we'll do it ex parte without them."

McCall acknowledges this is a last-ditch effort: The building is more than likely days away from razing -- our photo intern was out there Tuesday, as crews were cutting off the gas -- and no one has yet filed for historic designation, which would slow down its demolition.

"The fact this has not been designated historic is our weakest link," McCall says. "But if we can buy some time, that's all we're trying to do."

Update at 1:53 p.m.: The temporary restraining order and request for disclosure -- the conservation league also wants to know if DISD's using federal funds to demolish a historic building -- is after the jump.


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