Copping an Attitude

Avi Adelman, Lower Greenville's party-pooper, shot us (and probably everybody else in town) an e-mail last night informing us (and you and you and you) that Dallas police Chief David Kunkle dismissed the ticket Adelman was given by a cop on Saturday night. Adelman got the ticket, oddly enough, when he reported too much noise coming from former Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano's new place, Suede, on Lower Greenville. The cops apparently don't like Avi too much--hence the "self serving piece of shit" e-mail one of them might have sent Adelman shortly after he got the citation Saturday. Says the man hisself:

"Less than 48 hours after the ticket was issued, DPD Chief David Kunkle announced late Monday afternoon his office will ask the City Attorney to file a request for dismissal of the abuse of 911 citation issued against BarkingDog on Saturday evening.

The investigation into the source of the obscene mails sent to BD last week from a DPD Central Division computer terminal formally opened today when paperwork was filed with the City's IT services office to pull all internet traffic records for this location. Results on who (or whom) used the computers to send the emails can be expected soon."

Then Adelman says that he's got a new URL about to make its bow: That is guaranteed to make Avi popular with the boys in blue. Arresting developments, indeed. --Robert Wilonsky

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