Cops, Firefighters, Civilians Lift Car Off Accident Victim in East Dallas

Just before 10 p.m. on July 9, a motorcycle barreled into a car at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Bryan Parkway. The woman on the motorcycle slid under the car and was trapped. Witnesses raced over to help her out, and police arrived within 30 seconds, according to the Dallas Police Department. Firefighters arrived soon after.

The police and firefighters tried to lift the car off the woman with a jack, but were unsuccessful. Cops say she was gasping for air as the vehicle crushed her. Left with no other readily available option, the cops, firefighters and witnesses grabbed the car and lifted it off of the woman. According to a DPD statement released with the included video, the motorcyclist suffered only minor injuries, but her lawyer says that isn't quite right.

The accident victim isn't currently giving interviews, according a statement, because she's suffered "serious and exhausting injuries." The attorney did say "In over 25 years handling thousands of violent collision cases, this was the finest Police and Fireman work I have ever seen," however.

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