Council to Consider Telling Central Expressway Downtown to Straighten Up, Fly Right

As it's never too early to sneak a peek at the city council's agenda, as evidenced by this morning's wake-up, do take a look at Item No. 42 when you have a chance. It has to do with proposed alignment of Central Expressway between Commerce Street and Live Oak Street (though, as evidenced by the photo above, it seems to extend past Commerce). In the works since December 2007, the plan outlined in the agenda was presented to property owners in November '08, and, says the city, it "was supported by everyone present" -- which is to say, the dozen who attended the meeting.

A final design won't be ready till June 2009, says the council's briefing packet, and construction won't start till April 2011 -- if, of course, the council approves the recommended realignment plan on Wednesday. And what, you ask, is the plan? So glad you asked.

Central Expressway and Pearl Street will be converted to two-way traffic. The intersection at Pearl Street and Central Expressway will be eliminated removing the streets within the Carpenter Plaza area. The three sections of the Plaza will be combined, increasing the Plaza area by 0.9 acres. The existing pavement section for Central Expressway and Pearl Street within the Carpenter Plaza area will be removed and replaced with sod. These improvements will provide improved traffic flow in the City Center, Main Street and Farmers Market District.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.