Crazy Like a Fox

Just when you thought the the immigration shouting match in Irving couldn't get much louder, former president of Mexico Vicente Fox is turning up the volume. In town this week to promote his new book, Revolution of Hope, he has condemned Irving’s policing tactics as repressive and declared that America is “denying its immigrant soul.” The former president will speak and sign books tonight at 7 p.m. at Highland Park United Methodist Church, 3300 Mockingbird Lane. It’s free and open to the public, so if you have any burning questions to ask the former presidente, here’s your chance. Though you'd best line up early.

Dallas' best-known political consultant Rob Allyn, who coauthored Fox’s autobiography, told The News that publicizing a book that supports immigration during the current controversial climate is completely anti-intuitive.” Surely he's joking -- you can't turn on a TV lately without seeing Fox pimping the tome.

And it's certainly sparking plenty of chit and chatter: When Fox was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday, he said American xenophobes and racists are taking the helm in the absence of a federal immigration overhaul. Want to hear his response to Lou Dobbs’ question about why Mexico can’t seem to resolve its dire poverty problems and provide its citizens with reasons to stay home? Have a listen, or go to Highland Park tonight and ask him yourself. --Megan Feldman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.