Them prison bars are made of gold for portfolio manager Jamie Cuellar.

Crime Does, In Fact, Pay

Jamie Cuellar is a portfolio manager at Brazos Mutual Funds on Sherry Lane; I know, exciting, right? Only, yeah -- at least Forbes thinks so in its new issue. That's because Cuellar has seen the future of investing -- and it's in the joint, bro. Which is to say, Cuellar is investing heavily in the private prisons being constructed to alleviate the country's overcrowded state and federal houses of incarceration: "His $32 million Brazos Small Cap Fund has put 11% of its capital into the jailers' stocks," writes the magazine.

Thus far, his two largest holdings are Geo Group --"a company to be reckoned with," as it added 15 prisons and 8,000 beds since 2005 -- and Corrections Corp. of America, the largest private prison operator. "It controls half the private market and is the only pure play on adult prisons," writes the magazine, which notes that Cuellar started buying the stock in November 2005 when it was $13 a share -- or $14 less than it is today. --Robert Wilonsky

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