Lynn Flint Shaw

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Nice editorial in today's Dallas Morning News asking, erm, Why wasn't Lynn Flint Shaw charged with a felony rather than a misdemeanor for allegedly forging Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins' signature? Only, one thing Dallas' Only Daily fails to note today: Allen Gwinn's been asking the same thing since Friday. And he's got the docs -- including the arrest warrant with the misdemeanor box checked off.

But Gwinn's such a nice guy he links to The Dallas Morning News' piece without saying, "Hey, I was first!" Never mind that not a bit of the news in the editorial's actually been in, ya know, The News -- not a syllable of it. Familiar story, though: The same thing happened when Gwinn broke the DISD credit-card story: The daily took it, without so much as sending Gwinn a thank-you note. So, ya know, thanks. --Robert Wilonsky

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