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Current Energy Gets Big Push from Time (And Now, Apparently, Us)

Big ol' ad for the Current Energy store on Knox Street in the new issue of Time, and co-founders Joe Harberg and Josh Stern didn't have to pay a penny for the promotion -- nice article, gents, down to writer Bryan Walah's generous gift of the slogan, "The real value in Current Energy isn't in its gadgets but in the services it offers." I dunno -- have you seen the gadgets?

Harberg and Stern, who opened the store in August '06 and received a Energy Innovators Award from the U.S. Department of Energy last November, have done an amazing job of selling themselves within the market, with regular segments on WFAA-TV's Good Morning Texas and KLIF-AM (570). Now, reports Time, they're going national: "Greenies who live outside Dallas will soon be able to get an energy assessment from currentenergy.com and the company will work with licensed auditors in your town to carry out the improvements." Good timing, if nothing else, since Dallas isn't as green as it thinks -- and Ross Perot Jr.'s demanding tax abatements from the city to encourage eco-friendly construction and retrofitting. Guess it's time to stop setting the thermostat to 62 in the summer, dang. --Robert Wilonsky

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