Cynthia Dunbar, Meet Michael Piazza. Michael Piazza, Meet Cynthia Dunbar.

I have been worried about why George W. Bush wants to move back to Dallas. What does it say about us that he feels welcome here? Obviously he has chosen an address that may be outside the Park Cities proper but is still solidly within "The Bubble."

He will be living in what may well be the only place on Earth where he is still popular. But is the bubble Dallas? Well, hell, no! We ain't no stinkin' bubble.

I was particularly heartened last night when I attended the 2008 Peacemaker Awards Dinner of the Dallas Peace Center: One of the little table-giftie things at my place was a copy of a new book by Cathedral of Hope national pastor and Dallas community leader Michael S. Piazza, The Real Antichrist: How America Sold its Soul.

O.K., now that's more like it.

That's what Bush can expect from the rest of us when he comes back here. The back cover describes the book as, "A searing indictment of popular Christianity by a passionate Christian. Michael Piazza speaks with prophetic fury against those who have turned Christianity into something Jesus would never recognize."

It was a great evening. The Rev. L. Charles Stovall, pastor of Munger Place United Methodist Church in my neck of the woods, received the 2008 Peacemaker of the Year Award. Then he preached a great sermon on peace and activism, including a very long very funny joke about heaven and hell, in which hell was a place with a really good country club where you could count on meeting all your old golf buddies.

To which I would add: Sounds like Preston Hollow. --Jim Schutze

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