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You've been to

Daiquiri's To Go

, no? Most of our staff has -- something, methinks, to do with its proximity to Unfair Park HQ (it's more or less

at Oak Lawn and Market Center Boulevard

). That, or there's just something about booze in a cup in a bag -- and the menu items, which range from the Highland Park to the Leg Spreader. It's big too with the Yelpers, as in: "fun on any random day of boozing." Why, that's



Anyway. A Friend of Unfair Park alerts us: The owner of Daiquiri's To Go, Marcus Lewis, appears ready to get out of the ready-to-drink business: He's thrown the drive-thru up on the eBay, with a starting bid of $50,000 and a buy-it-now price tag of $90,000. Says the ad, which may have been written after one Boy Shorts too many, his health is bad, and the doc told him to get out now. But keep in mind: The auction's just for the stuff; there's $2,600 in monthly rent on top of that and other expenses. Still. All the Sex in Dallas you can stomach.

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