Dallas Angels Come This Close to Capturing Second Homeschool World Series Title

To begin with this Friday morning, a tip o' the ballcap to the Dallas Angels of the Home School Athletic Association, who spent the week cruising through the Homeschool World Series Association 2009 World Series Championships in Pensacola, Florida, besting the Augusta Crusaders, the Montgomery Saints and the Concord Stallions to get to yesterday's championship game. Alas, it was not to be for the Angels, who on Thursday suffered a 11-1 defeat delivered by the mighty Atlanta Barons. The Barons are a league powerhouse who collected their seventh title since the HWSA's formation but nine years ago. And surely there's much bad blood between the Barons and Angels, who, in '05, broke the Barons' four-year title streak to take their one and only title trophy. So, homeschoolers, we good here?


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