Dallas Animal Services Sees Rise in Pet Adoption -- and a Rise in Pet Abandonment

Couple of weeks back we had a very brief chat with Kent Robertson, manager of Dallas Animal Services and star of the city's "Pet of the Week" videos, about the recent rise in animal adoptions -- more than 40 a week in recent weeks. Courtesy a briefing doc prepare for tomorrow's meeting of the city council's Quality of Life Committee, we're able to put the numbers in perspective. Says the Animal Services update, between March and June alone, 1,028 dogs and cats were adopted -- which is an 11% increase over the same time last year.

Still, that's but a fraction of the number of dogs alone who entered the shelter during the spring and early summer: According to the update, from March through June 7,463 dogs were caught and brought in (a three-percent decrease over last year's numbers during the same time period), while 3,794 dogs were turned in to Dallas Animal Services. That's a seven percent increase, echoing national reports of a rise in pet abandonment in recent months. For a little context, consider that during last fiscal year, 27,907 dogs and cats were impounded -- and of those, 2,087 were adopted; 2,422 wound up going to rescue groups; and 2,120 went back home after being reclaimed by their owners.

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