Dallas Animal Services to Partner With Lost Dog App to Help You Find Fido

Yes, we know. Your dog is a pretty thing. Whoza pretty doggie? Heeza a pretty doggie, isn't he?

Not only that, your best friend's face is also unique, which means he or she is a perfect subject for facial recognition software.  So, next week, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Animal Services will announce a partnership with Finding Rover, a company that claims its canine facial recognition software is 98 percent effective. Using the company's app, you take a picture of your dog —  or not, any dog you get from DAS will already be in Finding Rover's database, where your mutt's mug will stored. If Rover gets lost, anyone who finds the pooch can take another picture to see if it matches a dog in the database.

Outside of helping find your on dog if he lams it, the app — which spent two years in development at the University of Utah, no joke — also has a social network component. Of course it does. Such a pretty dog should have tons of friends, though how the pooch will ever manage to type in text messages into a smart phone's touch pad is beyond us.

OK, possibly the social component is for owners. Or maybe the owners do the typing for the dogs. That's what friends are for.

If you want to get a jump on the official city announcement, scheduled for May 27, you can pick up the app in your app store of choice right now.

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