Local attorney David Marlett's getting a lot of national attention, including a recent shot on CNN, for promoting companies that pledge not to hire illegal or undocumented workers.

Dallas Attorney is Anti-Illegal Immigrant, But Very "ProAmerica"

Two stories today highlight a Dallas-based Web site called ProAmerica Companies, which lists companies that pledge not to "knowingly hire illegal or undocumented workers." It's the brainchild of Dallas attorney David Marlett, reports this morning's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which says Marlett started the site in June after he couldn't find a local contractor to paint his house that could guarantee it used only "legal employees." As he tells the Atlanta paper: "It's important that we draw the line somewhere."

The site, which says it contains 920 businesses in 44 states that have taken the ProAmerica pledge, is also featured in an Associated Press piece today. Reports the AP, the thinking behind the site is that "illegal immigrants won't come to the United States if they can't find jobs." Marlett's bio, incidentally, says the University of Texas law school grad is also working on a book titled Because America Matters: Restoring the Pledge of Allegiance and co-host of this ProAmerica Interweb radio show. And, dunno how we missed this, but Marlett was recently featured on NBC Nightly News. --Robert Wilonsky

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