Dallas-Based Kimberly-Clark Makes Procter & Gamble Want Its Mommy

Dallas-based Kimberly-Clark, manufacturer of Huggies diapers, is in a pissing match with Procter & Gamble Co. over this pretty amusing ad. Seems the makers of Pampers aren't laughing at Kimberly-Clark's commercial that says, in short, Pampers are good for one thing: diapering bricks, not babies.

Says here that Cincinnati-based P&G filed a federal false-advertising suit against K-C on Tuesday; the suit was filed in Wisconsin, where K-C makes Huggies. P&G wanted the commercial yanked -- a request a federal judge denied yesterday. K-C is delighted, telling AdAge, "We believe the humorous approach to support our Huggies brand was appropriate." Meanwhile, P&G ain't happy about it at all -- babies. --Robert Wilonsky


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