Dallas City Hall's 10 Best Bads (Not Necessarily in Order of Egregiousness)

We're busy wrapping up our Best of Dallas 2014 issue, so we're in a stop-and-smell-the-roses state of mind.

No wait. Those aren't roses.

1. Hiring a horse-abuser to run the city's new horse park.

See: The Cruel and Unusual Making of the Texas Horse Park.

2. Sucking all the water out of natural ponds.

See: Dallas Horse Park Tramples Nature.

3. The Standing Wave lethal fake rapids on the Trinity River.

See: More Ludicrosity on White Water Feature.

4. Writing a secret kill-Uber ordinance and sneaking it onto the part of the City Council agenda nobody even reads.

See: Unfair Fight to Crush Uber.

5. Acting like nobody knew who did that and then admitting it was interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez, who was gunning for the city manager's job.

See: A.C. Gonzalez says he's sorry.

6. Giving the city manager's job to A.C. Gonzalez anyway and boosting his pay to $400,000 a year to make him the highest paid city manager in America.

See: Not the Best Choice

7. Allowing something called "The Cog" that has headquarters out near Six Flags and the baseball stadium to come up with rules for car-hire services such as Uber and Lyfte in all of North Texas, in other words letting them take over where Gonzalez left off in efforts to kill car-hires and do Yellow Cab's dirty-work.

See: NCTCOG Uber Dallas

8. Paying City Hall's wellness coach $200,000 a year to help City Councilman Dwaine Caraway lose weight.

See: Caraway Weight Loss

9. Segregating downtown.

See: HUD Accuses Dallas.

10. Hiding former City Manager Mary Suhm somewhere in the bowels of City Hall where she continues to carry out fiendish experiments on little bunnies. OK, not little bunnies, but she's down there somewhere doing something.

See: My Search for Mary Suhm.

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