Dallas Cop Fired for Waving Gun at His Ex and Her New Boyfriend

A veteran Dallas cop has been fired by the department after, the department says, he responded to an ex-girlfriend's spurning his repeated text messages by intimidating the woman and her new boyfriend with a gun.

Aaron Tolerton confronted his ex-girlfriend in March, according to media reports. When he pulled the gun, the woman's boyfriend said he saw Tolerton's badge. Farmers Branch Police responded.

"An Internal Affairs investigation concluded that Officer Aaron Tolerton engaged in adverse conduct when he displayed a firearm in an alarming manner while off-duty, became involved in an incident which resulted in a police response, and was untruthful to the Farmers Branch Police Department during their criminal investigation. The investigation also concluded that Officer Tolerton carried a secondary weapon he was not qualified to carry," Dallas Police said in officially explaining Tolerton's ouster.

In February, Tolerton fatally shot Desmond Luster while working at southeast Oak Cliff gas station as a security guard. Luster was chasing a a suspected burglar in his truck when Tolerton shot him, believing that Luster was both one of the suspects and trying to ram him with his truck. The investigation into that shooting is still pending, but police say the case will be referred to a grand jury as soon as the department finishes looking into the matter.

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