Dallas Cowboys' Leonard Davis Is Now the Proud Owner of 30 Dallas-Area Smashburgers

Just two months ago, Jennifer Miller, the spokesperson for Colorado-based Smashburger, told Unfair Park that the chain's anticipated expansion into Dallas, announced 'bout a year ago, didn't happen for one simple reason: "In Dallas, we're just waiting for the right partner at this point." Looks like they found one: Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Leonard Davis's BIGG Capital Holdings, LLC has signed a 30-unit deal with the Denver-based chain to open joints "in the Dallas area," with no further details offered in the press release save for the fact that Davis will own the burgerias, but Smashburger will be responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Says Davis in the press release, "I've had great success in the NFL, and my career with the Cowboys continues to drive me. But I wanted a business opportunity that made sense with my life after football. Smashburger has all the right things in place to be a huge success in Dallas and nationwide. They have a great management team and a compelling concept, and the burgers are hands down the best I've had."

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