Dallas' "Delusional" 15-Year-Old Author

Till I came across this interview with Evan Brian Doyle, published today on Animation Insider, I had no idea a kid attending the Science and Engineering at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center was a published author. "It's weird," he says. "I'm the only published author in my class." Which is, um, yeah, weird. And the book? It's titled Evan Brain! Adventures of a Delusional Kid Superhero, which Evan co-wrote and illustrated (with his mom) and keeps getting compared to ... this can't be right ... Calvin and Hobbes? That we'll have to see for ourselves, but the book's been out since October, and, from the looks of the Web site, the family's looking to build an empire outta Evan -- from greeting cards to magnets to T-shirts. I am falling so behind. --Robert Wilonsky


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