Dallas Developer Finds Out, the Hard Way, That L.A.'s Angelyne Is No Boob

Looks like you can still keep ordering all your Angelyne Fan Club schwag from the same address after all. Last year, we noted that Dallas-based Gatehouse Capital Corp. pushed Hollywood icon Angelyne out of the office she’d used for 19 years in an effort to make space for a new W Hotel near Hollywood and Vine.

Known for renting billboards around Los Angeles to promote, well, herself, the former Los Angles mayoral candidate operates a lucrative mail-order business selling t-shirts, “lip prints” and autographed panties and bras. Forced to pack up her office and all of her merchandise, Angelyne rented a storage shed in Hollywood. That was inconvenient, but what really rubbed her the wrong way was the developer’s refusal to compensate her for the $400,000 she would need to re-print all her posters, buttons and other mail-order items branded with her now-defunct address.

But a legal settlement reached with Gatehouse states that the buxom blond can maintain her old mailing address past the one-year limit of the U.S. Postal Service’s forwarding service. She'll also receive some reimbursement to help with the cost of renting the storage shed for all the signed bras and panties. But -- and, really, here's the cherry on top of the story -- the agreement states that, at least once a week, a Gatehouse employee will collect all the mail delivered to the “displacee’s mailbox,” bundle it up and forward it to her new address. The woman has enormous ... um, balls? --Daniel Rodrigue

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Robert Wilonsky
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