Dallas Fed Has OK News About Texas Economy. Son of Dallas Fed Head Has OK American Psycho Homage.

Guess this could go under the "From the RTF Department" category, since Miles Fisher has quite the estimable demo reel -- which includes a snippet from the video in which he parodies Tom Cruise's infamous Scientology promo. Or maybe "Business News for People Who Don't Read Business News," since Miles's old man is Unfair Park fave Richard Fisher, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas -- which, on a semi-related note, just released the latest Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey. (Good news too: "Declines in Texas manufacturing continued to moderate in July ... Seasonally adjusted data soon to be released suggest the rate of contraction has slowed.")

Or maybe it'll go under "Local Music." Because, see, starting last week, the St. Mark's grad's been promo'ing his new giveaway EP with this video, a Talking Heads cover and American Psycho homage in which he offs Lydia Hearst. The Business Insider boils it down to the catchiest headline: "Watch The Dallas Fed President's Son Kill Lydia Hearst." Hard to beat that.

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