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Dallas' Former Fire Chief Finds a New Flame in Florida

Fact is, Steve Abraira, Palm City just sounds nicer than Dallas -- more tropical, ya know? Or, like, a place where superheroes and soap stars live.

Almost two years ago, Dallas Fire Chief Steve Abraira was told by Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm: Quit or be fired. So he resigned, lest he stain his record with Suhm's inexplicable decision to show him the door despite nary a bad word from the rank and file, much less those higher than he on the eat-or-be-eaten chain. There were, here and there, some grumblings about how Abraira's dismissal made no sense. And the former chief sent to his troops a letter in September 2005 in which he wrote that Suhm "has little or no respect for the outstanding service that you provide or for me personally." But there was no outcry over his dismissal. One day he was here; the next, gone.

Well, today comes word that he has a new job: According to this story, Steve Abraira bested 30 other candidates to become "the first Hispanic to head a public safety-related department in Palm Bay," which, of course, is in Florida. He will make nearly $100,000, if not more, and " head a growing department with a $12 million budget, 143 employees and five fire stations." He meets his new city council on Thursday; no word about the city manager. --Robert Wilonsky

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