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Dallas Girl Ambreal is "Disgustingly Fabulous" on Top Model

Once again, a Dallas resident is in the running to be America’s Next Top Model. In last night's episode, the season's third, spunky 19-year-old Ambreal finally got a little screen time, sashaying down the runway working a Colleen Quen gown “inspired by violets” and working a couture gown while hanging in front of a rock wall. (High fashion apparently means doing your own stunts.)

Photo Shoot Creative Director Jay Manuel praised Ambreal: “Your body language is disgustingly fabulous.” Unlike fellow Top Model contestant Victoria, Ambreal was clearly not thinking about being “a sea nymph on acid.” Throwing drug references around a photo shoot probably isn’t a good idea.

Tyra Banks and the other judges were impressed with Ambreal’s photo this week. Twiggy -- yes, that Twiggy -- pointed out the Dallas girl’s picture was the first “really elegant” photo they have seen so far this cycle. Ambreal isn’t going anywhere. She’s one of the more fun contestants, and Tyra appears drawn to her. --Chelsea Ide

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