Dallas is Trying to Smoke Its Way to Ban

Apparently, the entire city -- not to mention nearby counties -- is trying to get in one last deep hacking breath before the smoking ban goes into effect at midnight tonight. To those Friends of Unfair Park wondering why the city appears to be smoldering, the National Weather Service says, well, yeah.

"There are fires all over," says Lee Crowley, the NWS's Southwest Region Operations Center Duty Officer. As in: "We've got them in Eastland, Stevens, Throckmorton, Young, Palo Pinto, Jack, Archer, Clay, Montague. There was a fire earlier in Wise County, but it looks like it may be down. But almost every county west of here's got fires raging."

The NWS expects the smoke to stick around till at least sunset. "But the fires won't really be alleviated till the front moves through sometime later tonight," Crowley tells Unfair Park. "That doesn't mean the fires will be contained, but the extreme conditions that instigated the fires should lessen when the front moves through." Alas, don't expect rain, unless you live east of the Dallas-Fort Worth.

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