Dallas ISD's Still Got Some P-Card Bargains For Sale. Bonus: Do You Want a Pony?

Back in April, you may recall, the Dallas Independent School District started auctioning off items former district secretary Gloria Orapello bought with her DISD-issued credit card. So, then, I was on Lone Star Auctions yesterday and noticed that DISD's selling off a whole bunch of stuff, most of which clearly came outta the kitchens. But I asked spokesman Jon Dahlander what the what were all the vases, purses, sweaters, skirts and jackets doing there. (What with all that Mossimo and Mizrahi, did they raid a Target?) To which he responded via e-mail today, "The vases, pots, and other non-school stuff were confiscated after inappropriate p-card use." Figured as much. Seriously, though, what's with all the effing vases? Someone running a bong-making class?

In other bargan-hunting news: The Dallas Police Department's trying to offload a Mobile Command Unit (aw, drats: "All City of Dallas decals will be removed from the vehicle prior to item pickup"), while the city's got some rescued horses for sale. Bonus: One of them is pregnant.

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