Dallas Mavericks: Worst Week Ever


You know that stupid VH1 show Best Week Ever? Well, when VH2 comes out with Worst Week Ever I've got a candidate:

Your Dallas Mavericks, May 3-10, 2009.

Sunday: Lose Game 1 to Denver Nuggets/ Fail to respond when Kenyon Martin punks star Dirk Nowitzki with a forearm to the back.

Monday: After spraining his good ankle in Game 1, Josh Howard likens his physical status to "walking on egg shells."

Tuesday: Lose Game 2 to Nuggets/ Nowitzki lambasted by a TNT crew crowing that he's neither a "warrior" nor a "dawg."

Wednesday: Nowitzki's girlfriend/fiancee(?) is arrested at his house after police show up with felony warrants and a power of eviction.

Thursday: In one of the weirdest, saddest media gatherings in franchise history, Dirk talks briefly about how he won't talk in-depth about being duped by a career con woman.

Friday: Antoine Wright's condo near the AAC is robbed of $120,000 in jewelry.

Saturday: Lose Game 3 to Nuggets/ Lose composure after inexplicable blown no-call by refs leads to game-winning 3-pointer by Carmelo Anthony.

Sunday: Glen "Big Baby" Davis hits game-winning shot for the Boston Celtics over the Orlando Magic/ The Mavs, picking 34th in the 2007 NBA Draft, passed on Davis and selected a stiff named Nick Fazekas who these days plays in Europe. Davis, averaging 16 and 6 in the playoffs, went to Boston with the next pick.

Monday: ???

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.