The Foxymorons will have a song on ABC's Men in Trees tonight. C'mon, be happy for 'em. You would be if they were Rhett Miller.

Dallas on the TV

I've seen all of 42 minutes' worth of The Tonight Show since Jay Leno took over, and I won't be watching tonight. Sorry. Guy's not funny. Hasn't been in 20 years. But maybe you wanna tune in tonight: Looks like Emmitt Smith'll be on, talking about making it to the finals of Dancing With the Stars, where he'll face off against Mario Lopez in what's sure to be a rousing, fiery dance-off. Allegedly, the NFL's leading rusher is the odds-on fave to take the competition. Sniffsniff. Emmitt versus the guy from Saved By the Bell. Could. Not. Be. More. Proud.

Also tonight, Mesquite's own Foxymorons will have a song featured on ABC's series Men In Trees (the one with Anne Heche; no idea), which airs locally at 8 p.m. The episode's titled "The Menaissance" (I'm out already), and it'll contain the Foxymorons cut "This Heart of Mine" from the band's latest album Hesitation Eyes, which is pretty swell--kinda Pavement-y, kinda Replacements-y, kinda good-y. The band recommends "you grab a blanket and a warm beverage and snuggle up with someone you like/love in front of the television Friday night." Uh, sure. OK. But nothing breaks the mood more than a TV show starring Anne Heche. But we will try. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

The Foxymorons, "Hesitation Eyes" (from the 2005 release Hesitation Eyes)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.