Dallas Police Looking for Active Shooter In Old East Dallas, Paramedic Shot (Updating)

An overhead view of Dallas Fire and Rescue's Dodd Training Center on Dolphin Road.
An overhead view of Dallas Fire and Rescue's Dodd Training Center on Dolphin Road. Dallas Fire and Rescue
This is a developing story. We'll update as more information is available. 
Update 4:10 p.m.: During a city hall press conference, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings announced that a police robot found a man they believe to be the shooter dead inside a house located near the the location where the initial incident took place. The robot found another person dead inside the home with the alleged shooter. The injured paramedic is out of surgery, but is in intensive care. The person for whom the initial 911 call was made is also in critical condition at Baylor.

Dallas Police chief David Pughes said that a Dallas police officer retrieved the injured paramedic alone and drove him to the hospital.

Update 2:35 p.m.: According to the city of Dallas, Dallas Fire and Rescue responded to a report of a civilian being shot around 11:30 a.m.. When DFR personnel arrived to treat the victim, the suspect approached the house and began shooting.

The suspect shot one paramedic, who is in critical but stable condition at Baylor Hospital. Dallas Police Department SWAT officers are still searching for the shooter, who is believed to be in the area surrounding I-30 and Dolphin Road.

Update 1:20 p.m.: According to Anna Hill, president of the Dolphin Heights neighborhood association, police are look for a black man, carrying a rifle and wearing dark clothing. Police informed the media a little after 1 p.m. that the scene around the shooting is "still active and very dangerous."
Dallas police confirmed just after noon Monday that an unknown gunman shot a Dallas paramedic near I-30 and Dolphin Road in Old East Dallas. According to the city, the paramedic is currently in surgery at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. City officials warned Dallas residents to stay away from the area near where the shooting occurred, calling the area an "active scene."

Video from local news helicopters showed Dallas Police officers surrounding a home across from the main entrance of the Dallas Fire academy at 5000 Dolphin Road, Monday afternoon just after 12:30 p.m.
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