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Dallas Soon to Get its Daily Grill On

Folks in California always seemed to like their Daily Grill -- a chain of eateries known, it says here, for "big portions of traditional grill recipes at affordable prices." Certainly been around long enough -- 23 years, growing from a single Beverly Hills restaurant into a 26-location chain that extends from California to Washington, D.C. Last month, the just-opened Memphis spot got a solid B from the Commercial Appeal critic, who deemed it "a welcome addition to Downtown dining."

At the moment, there's but a single Texas location: in Houston. But, say the site, an Austin location is due to open this month. And, in fall 2008, Dallas is scheduled to be the next site for expansion -- says so here and in this release from today, in which Philip Gay, president and chief executive officer of Grill Concepts, talks about raising $14.1 million and having signed "leases and a management agreement" for a new spot in "North Dallas, Texas." So, he means Plano, right? Or is that Frisco, you think? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: A Friend of Unfair Park who has an exceptionally long memory and a fondness for the Dallas Business Journal writes, "I believe Daily Grill is going in the mega Whole Foods development across from NorthPark." And he is so very, very correct.

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Robert Wilonsky
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