Dallas: Such a Pretty Name

The comments posted on Unfair Park are always fascinating; keep 'em coming, unless they're libelous, in which case, keep 'em coming. But this one, posted to Grimes' Visual Dictionary item, merits a special mention:

As the taker of the Dallas photo (and a native Dallasite), I have to say that there's just something about that sign that says "Dallas" to me (and it's not just the letters). I hope your post leads more folks to post shots of our fair city's name.

One, you probably oughta know Julie Jackson is. She's the woman behind Subversive Cross Stitch, the infamous needlepoint kits featured everywhere from The Washington Post to The Face mag in the U of K. She's a genius. Second, Jackson gives us a great idea, and we didn't even have to pay her $12.

Beginning, like, now, Unfair Park wants you to send us photos of the word "Dallas" whereever you find it -- though we'd like to avoid the obvious, like, ya know, a snapshot of the Observer's cover or something. We will post them as we get them. And then do a coffee-table book. And then...no, wait. We'll just post. --Robert Wilonsky

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