Dallas, the "Worst City for Cycling," About to Spend Several Days Trying to Shake That Label

Speaking of how Dallas doesn't have great streets ...

It was awful early when, back in June, we directed your attention to the Cylesomatic event scheduled in and around the Oak Cliff during early October. But now it's but days away, which is why Angela Hunt just posted to her blog an invite to "Bike with Me to City Hall on October 7." It's actually the Dallas Bikes to City Hall event planned by the city, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, during which "council members will unveil upcoming projects that embrace future citywide Complete Streets initiatives, and introduce the city's new bicycle coordinator, Max Kalhammer." According to BFOC, Jerry Allen, Delia Jasso, Ann Margolin and Dave Neumann have also RSVP'd. Two words: Photo. Op. Hunt will also speak the following night at the Texas Theatre, where they'll be screening Contested Streets. Writes Hunt: "Dallas currently has the dubious distinction of being the 'Worst City in the US for Bicycling,' but we're working to change that."

Speaking of Cyclesomatic, this looks more my speed than a ride to City Hall -- the October 3 "Hellhound on My Trail" ride that will ...

... take us through downtown Dallas and into the cradle of Dallas music history, "Deep Ellum". From there, we'll head over to 508 Park Avenue where the legendary Robert Johnson recorded, through the Cedars area to Bob Wills' Longhorn Ballroom, across the scenic Corinth Street bridge, and onto the stomping grounds of T-Bone Walker. We'll stop in the Bishop Arts for drinks, and end our tour passing Methodist Hospital, birthplace of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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