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Dallas Theater Center's Kevin Moriarty Ain't Going Anywhere. At Least Not For a While.

Back in June '07, the Dallas Theater Center introduced its sixth artistic director -- some dude named Kevin Moriarty, who was, at the time, a theater teacher at Brown University and the summer-season-runner at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York. As he told our Elaine Liner upon his arrival: "What I want to do at the Dallas Theater Center is be part of a wider arts community. Theater should be rejuvenating, restorative and fun."

Three years and a 2010 Best of Dallas nod later, the guy's become an invaluable asset -- and, perhaps, part of the permanent collection. This morning, the DTC announced that it's extending Moriarty's contract through August 2014, welcome news as we head into the new year. Says board chair Frank Risch in the announcement that follows: "We are beyond thrilled to have Kevin Moriarty as artistic director for at least another four years. Kevin is a wonderfully talented artist and inspiring leader who has had an enormous impact on the company's many successes since his arrival. We are truly fortunate too have an artistic director with the vision, ambition and creative energy that is evident in his work, and we look forward too continuing this artistic journey with Kevin for many years to come."

And it probably didn't hurt that even with such high-profile and expensive project such as the revisal of It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman!, the DTC still managed to post a budget surplus this year.

DTC Moriarty Extension FINAL-1

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