Nick Nolte ain't got squat on Kumari Fulbright.

Dallas To Get New Model Citizen

Maybe you've heard the story of Kumari Fulbright, a 25-year-old former beauty queen in Arizona who, along with three other men, is accused of tying up and threatening Fulbright's 24-year-old boyfriend for a good 10 hours last December. (When a break-up phone call just won't do ...) According to an Arizona Daily Star story from this morning, "The four suspects pointed pistols at the man, threatened his life and stole his wallet, cell phone, briefcase and $500 to $600 in cash, court documents say." She's also accused of bighting him and threatening him with a butcher knife.

Alas, says the paper, the court will allow her to move to Texas while awaiting trial. So, why's she coming here, of all places? "Because her parents live in Dallas and the only ties she has to Tucson are law school and her criminal case." That, right there, is your Line of the Week. --Robert Wilonsky

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